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.NET Ecommerce Platforms

.NET Ecommerce Platforms

.NET ecommerce platforms are ready-to-use application helping merchants to build their online store and start making a profit.

Nowadays, there’re many companies developing this application for answering online merchant‘s demands. Some of them are free and some cost you both in reasonable and expensive price.

The advantages of free version are saving cost from starting online businesses and instantly opening and selling anything without paying additional fees. However, some store owners might want to extend their store or put some more features to attract their customers, so it is time for them to look for commercial or upgrade version to further develop their store to fit more with their requirements.

VevoCart is one of the .NET ecommerce platforms which have complete features suiting for starting any types of online business, plus eye catching features as Facebook commerce, mobile commerce, SEO friendly and marketing tools.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to know about the forth type of discount coupon, “Buy X Discount Y By Percentage.

Buy X Discount Y By Percentage

In the “Ecommerce Software”, “Shopping Software”, and “Best ASP.NET Ecommerce” article, we’ve explained about the three types of discount coupon. Today, we’ll explain to you the next interesting type, “Buy X Discount By Percentage”.

This type allows customers to buy products as promoting conditions defined by merchants (Ex: buy 2 discount 1) to get the discount percentage.

For example, a customer has to buy 2 products at the normal price and will get the discount percentage for the third product [Ex: the price of 1 product is $500 and the discount percentage is set as 50%. The total cost of 3 products is $1,500, if a customer uses this coupon, it will be discounted to $1,250 (-$250 = -50% of $500, the full price of the third product)].

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