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Shopping Software

Shopping software or shopping cart software is a tool helping vendors to open their online store. You don’t need to know about the programming or learn how to develop your own website since the shopping software can be easily installed by yourself, just a few clicks without consulting a developer.

VevoCart is one of the best shopping cart software which is simple to install and ready for vendors to use. With the complete and various features, you can build your own online store and start selling instantly.

VevoCart provides 3 editions for vendors to choose one that suits best for your requirements including Community, Deluxe and Multi-Store. For Deluxe and Multi-Store edition, they will come with the beneficial marketing tool like “Discount coupon”

In this article, we’ll introduce you to know about the second type of discount coupon called “Discount By Percentage”

Discount By Percentage

From the “Ecommerce Software” article, we did explain about the first discount coupon type called “Discount By Price” and now we’ll let you know more about what Discount By Percentage can do to your business.

If you don’t want to discount your products by the amount of price, you will have the other alternative, it’s discount products by percentage.

Discount By Percentage allows you to discount product price by setting the certain discount percentage.

For example, when you set the discount type as Percentage, you will have to determine the percent of discount percentage (Ex: 50%). If a customer buys products at $1000 and use this coupon, all the total cost will be discounted to $500 (discount 50% from the total cost).

Want to get full details of VevoCart Discount Coupon? Find here at our blog:

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