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Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce software that has complete promotion features for marketing plan can help merchants to increase the efficiency of sales in their store.

Promoting your store is one of the major parts for online selling. If you can promote your store to be popular, reliable and trustable for worldwide shoppers, you will be likely to have your own, one of the most successful stores over others.

VevoCart comes with the numerous marketing tools created to be a helpful assistant for any online merchants. One of the tools that we have exhaustive designed for you is “Discount Coupon”.

Discount coupon is a promotion coupon given to customers for discounting products they will buy from your store. Merchants can create a coupon as they wish as well as define the conditions to fit with your needs.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the discount coupon types, it’s “Discount By Price”.

Discount By Price

This type allows you to discount product price by setting the certain amount of discount price.

For example, when you set the discount type as Price, you will have to determine the amount of discount price (Ex: $200). If a customer buys products at $700 and use this coupon, all the total cost will be discounted to $500 (-$200 as you defined).

There’re other 4 types for discount coupon to keep up, we’ll explain them in the next articles. Please stay tuned for the future updates once they're complete.

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