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Best ASP.NET Ecommerce

Best ASP.NET Ecommerce

Best ASP.NET ecommerce is another choice for merchants to open their online store. With the flexibility and scalability of the application, you can set your own store easily within no time.

VevoCart is one of the best ASP.NET ecommerce which is flexible and full-featured. It supports customization and integration for further store developments. With source code include, you can independently customize your store or ask for some help from a skilled developer to make your online store look more attractive than anyone else.

VevoCart full-featured providing is included with marketing tools. One of the best VevoCart marketing tools to be recommended is “Discount Coupon”.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to know the third type of discount coupon called “Buy X Discount Y By Price”.

Buy X Discount Y By Price

In the “Ecommerce Software” and “Shopping Software” article, we’ve mentioned about the first and second type of discount coupon which are Discount By Price and Discount By Percentage. Today, you will get to know more about another type of discount coupon “Buy X Discount Y By Price”.

Buy X Discount Y By Price allows customers to buy products as promoting conditions defined by merchants (Ex: buy 2 discount 1) in order to get the discount price.

For example, merchants might set the promotion like buy 2 products at the normal price and get the discount price for the third product at $200 [Ex: the price of 1 product is $500, the total cost of 3 products is $1,500. If a customer uses this coupon, it will be discounted to $1,300 (-$200 from the full price $500 of the third product as set by merchants.)]

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