VevoCart 6.4 New Features and Improvements

VevoCart proudly announces the release of VevoCart 6.4 on Nov 11th 2014.

New Features
  • Improve URL rewrite format for special characters from underscore (_) to dash (-)
  • 301 Redirection
    • URL Mapping from old URL to new URL format
    • Redirect old URL to new URL when accessing from old URL
  • Content per store (Premium version only)
  • Configurations per store (27 Global Configurations are moved to Store Configuration)
  • Product description per store (Premium version only)
  • Product kit with option item: Product with option can be added as product kit item
  • Improve upload button which can be used without Flash Player installation and add "Enable Flash Upload" configuration to select.
  • Improve live design by removing confirmation pop up panel for Save, Reset and Apply button.
  • Live design displays incorrect preset.
  • Add a scroll bar to Product Comparison List Popup page when Compare Popup Body's width is greater than browser screen's width.
  • Product edit page is inaccessible when product's image is missing.
  • Product quick view shows stock when it is disabled.
  • "No Image" file is missing in "Add to cart notification" and "product comparison" list page.
  • One page checkout with Anonymous user causes error when disabling requires shipping address.
  • Product dropdown option in product list page cannot be clicked.
  • HTML tag cannot be added in every name field.
  • Grid view is not updated when culture changed in product bulk update page.
  • Product image's zoom and enlarge properties are not working correctly.
  • Header menu is not working in small scale of responsive design.
  • Cannot add more than 10 product images when adding product.
  • Promotion cannot be added to shopping cart when another product in cart.
  • Exceed parameter in bypass facet search.
  • Product cannot be edited when admin folder is renamed.
  • Blog category is not changed when switching culture.
  • Blog meta information and image are displayed incorrectly when sharing in Facebook.
  • Content on footer is not showing properly when switching culture.
  • Wrong store product exports when "Default Value" selected.
  • Live design is not displaying theme panel when browsing in www.
  • Live design is not displaying per selected theme.
  • Full site link redirects to wrong URL in mobile view.
  • Retail price is still showing when it is disabled.
  • Related product shows multiple copies of the same product.
  • Customer review button is not showed when disabling merchant review.
  • Content list is displayed with incorrect store.
  • Unable to checkout with PayPal Pro Express when order amount is 0.
  • Add to cart error in mobile view and inaccessible mobile view's product detail page when enabling Canonicalize.
  • Add customer error when username is existed in admin user but it's saved in database.
  • 404 error page does not return 404 status code.
  • Missing product from product list when updating product without stock.
  • Advanced search and wish list show only store 1 product's name.
  • Retail price shows when there is no discount (price is equal to retail price).
  • Breadcrumb, dropdown in admin, dropdown in Product Kit Group List Option, and multi-selector controls are showing encoded text.
  • Header menu disappears when changing culture in Blog.
  • Product download count is not decreased.
  • Add product kit to shopping cart with different option seen as the same one.
  • Product Export displays question mark (?) when exporting non-English alphabet data.
  • For each store in advanced search, product search result uses URL of first store only.
  • Quick search errors when all categories selected.
  • Menu color does not change in responsive step 3 by using live design feature.
  • Products in compare list are not shown when at least 1 product is deleted.
  • An incorrect error message when product in Compare List exceeds the limit.
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