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Multi-Vendor Marketplace is the latest edition from VevoCart, designing for merchants who’re looking for a way to gain benefits from online business without stocking and selling products themselves. You can have your own online marketplace to allow [...]
Posted by belle On Mon 10 Mar, 2014
As the recent announcement of VevoCart release, Premium edition is the latest version of VevoCart, deriving from the combination of the previous Deluxe & Multi-Store edition. Premium is the fully functional ecommerce software which can be simply used [...]
Posted by belle On Wed 22 Jan, 2014
Ever thought to get profits from selling without selling it yourself? Is there a choice answering this need? Certainly, you can do if you choose to go with “Multi-Vendor Marketplace.”
Posted by belle On Fri 29 Nov, 2013
Have you ever thought about having your own ecommerce business? When you’ve purchased anything online, have it come into your mind to become a seller, not just a buyer? If you wish to be one of those who can be their own boss or those who can increase [...]
Posted by belle On Wed 13 Nov, 2013
The end of the year is here, everybody is thinking about the upcoming holiday season before turning to the New Year light. While many people are smiling to get relaxed from all their hard works throughout the year, some are busy planning to travel to [...]
Posted by belle On Thu 24 Oct, 2013
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