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Website With Ecommerce

Website With Ecommerce

Do you want to have your own website with ecommerce and earn a lot of profits out of it?

Ecommerce becomes a worth venturing investment considering the growth of this business these days. Just by having an ecommerce website, you can select products as your preference and start selling to your target group right away.

However, not every ecommerce site will be successful since there're many parts to consider, one of them is Checkout Process.

Checkout Process is one of the most important parts all the store's owners have to put on their website to allow customers to proceed their payment when submitting the orders. Each website always has its own unique style which is different from each other, depending on distinctive ideas of each merchant.

Checkout Process page's design is considered to be a crucial thing that can decide whether that website with ecommerce will gain more or less customers.

Merchants know that most customers don't like the complicated process steps which can take too long time to proceed because it is not possible for them to know when the process will be finished.

In order not to let customers feel so tired that they abandon their shopping, your website needs the feature which can inform customers what step they're on or when it will finish.

The feature is called "Checkout Process Indicator"

Checkout Process Indicator

The benefit of the Indicator is to inform customers all the processing steps they have to get through before the Checkout Process has done. When customers place their orders and move to the Checkout Process, the 5 processing steps will show up as following: Login, Address, Shipping, Payment, and Summary.

Address allows customers to fill out all their personal details and address for shipping. Shipping lets customers select the two of the shipping methods: Fixed cost world wide and Cost by quantity world wide. Payment is the step for customers to choose their payment method which has 3 options: Bank transfer payment, Other payments (check and cash), and Credit card. Summary is the summary of all the customers' details for them to check if everything is correct before submitting the orders.

Customers can click next to move forward to the next step or choose the previous step by clicking on each topic to revise some details in the same page without clicking back button.

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