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Starting An Online Store

Starting An Online Store

Starting an online store might be a hard task for vendors even if it seems to be easier than opening a brick-and-mortar business. There’re two options you can choose for starting an online store including using an ecommerce software and hiring a developer.

If you choose to stick with using ecommerce software, you can just consult with us. VevoCart has feature like “SEO” to make search engine simply find your website, which may result in ranking the top position of the page over other websites.

How VevoCart can do to you with SEO?

Canonicalization (Multi-Store Version Only)

SEO and multi-store make the same content available via different URLs that may cause the search engines see as duplicate content. It may result in penalizing the rank of content page.

The canonicalization is used to reduce indexing of duplicate pages and make the site more crawlable by setting a store URL to the canonical (preferred) URL for each category and product page.

Here are the samples of duplicate content.

1) SEO

- (Original)

- (SEO)

2) Multi Store



Canonicalization Configuration (Multi-Store Version Only)

1) Go to Admin panel -> “Setting” tab -> select “Configuration” menu.

2) Go to “Enable Canonicalization” and select “Yes”.

3) Select “Preferred Store” that you want to set the canonical URL.


If you delete the store that relates to canonical URL, the preferred store configuration won’t be changed in database. You must go to the configuration and update the new value otherwise the system will select store ID 1 as a default canonical URL.

URL Rewrite

Merchant can create URL rewrite to SEO for each store. The URL rewrite has been keeping the rules in XML file at "WebApp\datafiles\UrlRewrite" and you have to restart VevoCart application when you change a rule for starting to use new rules on the site. Please note that a store website will use the rules from the "Default" domain if you do not create rules for the store domain and do not change the “Default” rules.

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