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Software For Ecommerce

Software For Ecommerce

Software for ecommerce is one of the most popular methods that merchants choose for starting their online business. With the help of software for ecommerce, merchants can build their store easily with time and cost saving. It’s better than hiring a developer to build a website since it might cost a fortune and take too much time before it’s done.

For any online stores, Checkout Process is one thing that should be focused. The process that’s not complicated to proceed can help customers to feel more pleasant while they’re shopping online.

With all these reasons, VevoCart created three types of Checkout Process to answer all customers’ needs.

The Three Types Of Checkout Process

Three types of Checkout Process include Normal Checkout, One Page Checkout, and Anonymous Checkout.

Normal Checkout contains 5 steps: Login, Address, Shipping, Payment, and Summary. Customers will be able to know what step they’re currently on as well as choose the previous steps if they need to edit some information.

One Page Checkout allows customers to fill in all of their information within one page. It can help them to save time and proceed the checkout faster.

Anonymous Checkout lets customers proceed the checkout step without logging in or creating a new account. They can choose to proceed the checkout either with Normal Checkout or One page Checkout as they like.

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