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Shopping Cart ASP.NET

Shopping Cart ASP.NET

Shopping cart ASP.NET is software used for opening online stores. People choose the application instead of requesting for helps from a developer because this way is faster, easier, and more affordable. Using shopping cart ASP.NET to start building your store can be very simple, you can even set and sell your products online within 2-3 days.

VevoCart is one of the full-featured shopping carts ASP.NET which could help you to easier manage your online store. With rich marketing tools, promoting your store becomes a small task. From the previous articles, we explained about all 5 types of discount coupon. For today, we’ll explain how to create your discount coupon in your back-end.

How To Create Discount Coupon

Effective software comes with the effective way of setting, you can easily create your discount coupon type in the way you like, from the admin control panel.

Just logging into your administrative area and click on Marketing >> Coupons >> Add, all of the information will appear for you to fill in the details to create your own discount coupon.

You can start to create a discount coupon by generating code for coupon ID, choose Discount Type (Price, Percentage, Buy X Discount Y By Price, Buy X Discount Y By Percentage, and Free Shipping), Expiration Type (Date, Quantity, and Both Date & Quantity), Current Quantity, Minimum subtotal require for this coupon, and set to allow some of the specific products, categories, and customers to use a coupon.

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