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There're various versions of shopping carts for online business which is developed for answering various needs of users. Two main versions are commonly known in nowadays; Free version and Commercial version.

Both versions have tons of different features designed to match with merchants different styles of merchants. Merchants can choose the right one with the right features to attract their customers and fit their requirements.

If merchants choose a Free version, their chosen shopping cart should be free with no tricky terms. That means it should be free with no conditions, time restrictions or anything else that will affect your sales in the future.

Moreover, it should provide you with complete features, letting you build your store and start selling at once without hiring some programmers to help you set your store.

If merchants choose a Commercial version, their chosen shopping cart shouldn't be cost a fortune. It should come with a good support system and also secure.

Importantly, it should be included with well-developed features that have high efficiency in attracting customers to often come back to a store which result in sales increasing.

With the benefits of well-developed features that help merchants to simply manage their store, we're introducing you to one of the effective features called "Advanced Search"

Advanced Search

Advanced search is a helpful feature allowing customers to feel more comfortable when searching for the products in your store.

Ready to know more about the benefit of Advanced Search?

Advanced Search allows customers to search for the products they want by entering the product's name and click search to get the result.

You can specify your searched keyword by choosing three options; Any words, All word, and Exact phase as well as specify the category of what you're looking for.

To make it more specific, you can set the price range of products and also can choose the Manufacturer and Department to specify your searched keyword and make you get the best result of searching.

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