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Professional Ecommerce Software

Professional Ecommerce Software

Professional ecommerce software should come with effective features to make your online business life easier.

VevoCart is one of those professional ecommerce software that can answer your needs.

In the previous article “Easy-To-Use Ecommerce Software” we informed you about content manager for your storefront. In this article, we will continue from what we left there.

Edit Content Menu Hierarchies

You can add, edit, remove, or sort content menus by clicking the icon under “Menu List” column in the main Content Menu screen.

A menu item can be a parent of another menu item or can link to a content page. This is selected by “Menu Type” setting.

  • Name – Name of content menu.
  • Description - Description of content menu. This information will be displayed in the tooltip at the storefront when a visitor puts a mouse pointer over the menu name.
  • Parent Menu – Parent of content menu.
  • Menu Type –Select whether this menu item can contain another menu item (Sub menu) or link to a content page. If you select link to content, you need to select the content page which you want to link to.
  • Link to Content – Content page that you want to link from content menu.
  • Enabled - If this content menu is disabled, it will not be shown in the storefront.
  • Other1 - For your own use.
  • Other2 - For your own use.
  • Other3 - For your own use.

Content Menu Sorting

When you click “Sort Content Menu” icon in the Content Menu hierarchy page, you can specify the sort order of the menus to be displayed in the storefront.

First, you need to choose the parent content menu from the “Parent Content Menu” drop down list. Then, the list of children of that parent menu will be shown in the window. Then, you can drag-and-drop menu items to change their orders. Once it’s done, please click “Save” to save your change.

The “Sort by Name” and “Sort by ID” button allow you to quickly sort content menus by content names or by content IDs.

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