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In Easy .NET Shopping Cart Software article, we did explain you about benefits of using Bundle Promotion. In this article, we’ll move you to admin control panel, where you can set your Bundle Promotion as your preference.

Let’s get started.

Bundle Promotion In Admin Control Panel

Login to your admin control panel and mouse over to “Marketing >> Promotion Group”, then choose “Promotion Sub group List.”

Choose “Add” to create the sub group list.

The example below is “Office Chair”, click “Add” to complete creating the sub group list.

After that, click on “View Promotion Product” and start to “Add Promotion Product” in the next page.

Here you will see the list of products in which you can select “Add” to fill in all information as it pops up and then finish your task with “Add Product Item” to put your products in this sub group promotion.

The result will display as the picture below.

You can add more products as much as you want.

Once you complete adding your product, go to “Promotion Group List.”

Click on “Add” to create a new promotion group list.

Fill in all the required information, set enabling your promotion and then select the sub group you’ve created in the previous steps. Once it’s done, click on “Add Promotion Group.”

After all the steps above are clear, move to the “Store >> Config >> Display Setting” and select “Bundle Promotion” to “Yes”, then click “Update” to enable the function.

Want to see how it works out? Let’s go to the storefront!

Your bundle promotion will display right in your storefront, allowing customers to come and click to view promotion details. In case they’re interested in purchasing, they can add a promotion to the cart and fly to the checkout process instantly.

Like it? Don’t just sit still, go on logging in your VevoCart admin control panel and crafting your promotion as your way.

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