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.NET Web Shopping Cart

.NET Web Shopping Cart

As we explained about image tool in “E commerce Site In ASP.NET” article, Rollover Image is one of the effective image tools your .NET web shopping cart should have in order to attract customers.

In this article, we will explain how to set Rollover Image in your VevoCart .NET web shopping cart.

How To Set Rollover Image For Your Ecommerce Store?

Let’s follow the instruction as shown below:

First off, log in to your admin panel and browse for “CATALOG” >> “Products”.

Then, scroll up or down to find a product you want to add images in and choose “Edit”.

Go to “Images” tab and “Select Images” to add images as you like.

You can “Set as Primary” for product that you want it as the default image and put the number orders below other images.

The number 1 will be the second image from default image flipping when customers hover a mouse over it.

Once all of the above steps are done, click “Update Product” and move to your storefront to see the result.

Feel free to check out our demo website to learn more about VevoCart Rollover Image.

Keep following our articles in the upcoming future to see what we can do for you and your ecommerce store.

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