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.NET Online Shopping Cart

.NET Online Shopping Cart

Have you ever wanted to have your own online store? Do you think it’s too complicated to begin? If you are one of those people who feel that way, we can give you some advice. .NET online shopping cart might be your answer, it can save your time and a lot of money in your pocket. You just need to buy .NET online shopping cart and install it to your computer. 2-3 days later, you will find yourself become one of the online merchants who have their own store and products to sell.

How to find .NET online shopping cart that can enhance your store?

We would like to introduce our VevoCart to you and in this and the next articles, we’ll talk about the effective feature called “Faceted Search”.

Faceted Search/Layered Navigation

Faceted Search/Layered Navigation is a search tool helping users to find products they want based on their aspect.

This search tool is different from the quick search in terms of aspect and requirement. There’re many alternatives to choose and users can use it to filter products that match with their requirements without having to know much information about those products.

Enable/Disable Faceted Search

Administrator can enable or disable Faceted Search by configuring in “Store List > Store Configuration”. Then, go to enable Faceted Search by selecting “Yes” in the dropdown list.

The result of enabling Faceted Search will be shown as the picture below.

When users view the products in your storefront, Faceted Search will appear on the left side of their screen.

If you choose to disable the Faceted Search, the result will be shown as the picture below.

When users view the products in your storefront, the product sidebar will be located on the left side of their screen instead of Faceted Search.

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