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.NET Internet Shopping Cart

.NET Internet Shopping Cart

If you have your own products and don’t know where to put it, we have some alternative for you. .NET internet shopping cart might suit for your requirements. If you are those who like to sit in front of your computer and go online or even have your own website for providing content to people around the world, .NET internet shopping cart is definitely the right choice for you.

Start selling and promoting your products is not a big task, get some .NET internet shopping cart or ecommerce software you like the most and set your store with your own way. Just like that, everything will be ready for you and your customers.

Want us to recommend .NET internet shopping cart? Look here at VevoCart. We have feature like “Faceted Search” for you. We did explain about many advantages of using Faceted Search in the previous articles, we are still able to explain something more.

Let’s see it together!

Add/Remove product specification group list

You can add or remove product specification filters by configuring in “Catalog > Product Specification”.

It displays the specification group list that you can add, remove or edit.

Add specification group list

First, click “Add”.

Second, you can fill the name of specification group list, display name, description and click “Add”.

Then, the newly created specification group list will be displayed in the product specification page.

Next, click “Item List” behind the specification group list to add the specification list.

After that, fill the details about the specification list. When you finish them, click “Add”.

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