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.NET Ecommerce Website

.NET Ecommerce Website

.NET ecommerce website is a website allowing you to open your store via the internet. Having a .NET ecommerce website requires many things to start from, you need to find an experienced developer to develop your website or hire a web designer to put some attractive design on your website. All of these may require you a lot of efforts in starting to sell products online.

If you are one of those merchants who interested in building your ecommerce website, but the general method seems to be too complicated for you, we have a better idea to present.

With VevoCart, the shopping cart software, you can own an online store within a few days. All the features, functions, options, and designs are included here. The only thing you have to do is just to install the program on your computer and start selling within no time!

Even better, you can change the way of displaying your product in Product Detail page which is easy by going to the admin control panel and set it right.

To make it more clearer, we’ll explain about the product detail as well as the way to set it as your preference.

Product Detail

Product Detail layouts have 5 different layouts and 2 different styles for you to choose.

  • Top to down style

  • Tabular Style

Product Detail page contains many details of your products. Most of them can be turn on/off from the administrator panel.

This page includes other features relating to proposed sales, such as Related Products, Customer Reviews and Facebook Like button.

To choose the product detail layouts, go to Administrator panel -> Stores -> Store Config.

The product details on your store will be set to 'ProductDetailsDefault' as a default. You can set the product detail layouts from the administrator panel in product details default layouts section. Choose the one you like from the drop down list which contains 5 different styles including:

  • ProductDetailsDefault.ascx

  • ProductDetailsDefault2.ascx

  • ProductDetailsDefault3.ascx

  • ProductDetailsDefault4.ascx

  • ProductDetailsDefaultBlue.ascx
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