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.NET Ecommerce

.NET Ecommerce

Nowadays, there're many .NET ecommerce for merchants to choose for starting their online business. Each merchant has their own style of selecting what they think will best suit with their needs. The more .NET ecommerce in the market has, the more you need to exhaustive select the one optimizing your sales.

Adding products to a cart is one of the important processes that can't be overlooked. If the customers thought that it's not comfortable or feel frustrated to do, they might stop what they're on and immediately leave the website which resulted in losing sales conversion.

In the past, when customers click adding products to the cart, it will immediately take them to the checkout process page. If they want to continue their shopping, they have to click back to choose products and repeat adding to cart again.

Should there be any ways to help improving the customers shopping experience?

The answer is here, with feature like "Add to Cart Notification".

What's Add to Cart Notification?

Add to Cart Notification is the feature to notify your customers when adding the products to the cart. The notification will display as a pop-up window allowing customers to choose if they want to continue shopping or going to the checkout process.

This way, customers will save their time on clicking back and forth to purchase their products. They just click "continue shopping" button to clear the pop-up, go on choosing their favorite products within the same page and move to the checkout process when they complete the shopping.

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