Themes & Layouts Per Store

Each storefront can have its own look & feel representing unique business identity. Merchants may set theme & layout or enable/disable display several control item.

Unique Themes & Layouts

Store Management
VevoCart provides this feature in VevoCart Multi-Store version to allow merchants can access the list of all stores.

Merchants can manage unique store configurations , such as store theme, banner, or disable/enable features, which easily from the admin website.
Marketing & Promotion

News & Announcement Per Store :

Each storefront can have its own News and Announcement. This can be used to set promotional message for each store as well.

Newsletters Per Store :

Each storefront can have its own Newsletter. Visitors may choose to subscribe to each store newsletter

Email Template Per Store :

Each storefront can have its Email template. Merchants can configure and manage email information for each store.
Product Price Per Store

This version allows merchant to set product price for each store targetting different groups of customers such as wholesalers, retailer or promotional purpose as needed.

Unique Product Price

Categories Per Store

Categories Per Store :

Multi-Store version allows you to define product categories per store. Each store can have its own category structure/heirachy. In other words, you have stores with different product groups or even different names.

Unique Product Price

Departments Per Store

Departments Per Store :

Multi-store allows you to define a wide variety of product merchandise into customer-based departments.
Each store can have different departments each of which deals in different goods or services.

Unique Department

Product Meta Information Per Store

For SEO purpose, each store can have its own "Meta Information".
For same product in each store, Multi-store version can add the unique Meta information (Description, Keyword) for products that showing in each store.

Unique Product Meta Information

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