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Multi-Store Shopping Cart

Multi-Store Shopping Cart

Nowadays, the competition of ecommerce business is highly increased, each of merchants has to consider well-planned strategies to win over their competitors in various ways. Some merchants find their unique products to attract customers to visit their store, some extend a store by adding various types of products to answer each group of customers' needs.

However, lots of merchants found that opening more than one store tends to help increase more profits they might gain from each specific group of customers than opening only one store and sell a variety kind of products.

For this reason, multi-store shopping cart becomes an assistance for any merchants who need to simplify multiple stores management.

VevoCart Multi-Store Edition

VevoCart multi-store shopping cart allows merchants to easily manage their multiple stores in one single admin panel. Instead of logging into several accounts in order to manage all of your stores, you can just log in to one account and set anything you want for each of your stores in the administrative area.

You can define or edit domain names for each of your stores by setting them up in the back-end, each store will have its own different name depending on what you define them. Product and price setting can be done with no extra efforts, you can set products and prices separately for each store or set one or more products with the same image and description to display in all stores within the same account, without worrying about the duplicate content.

VevoCart multi-store shopping cart also allows you to gain full control over each store's look and feel. It doesn't matter whether you have 2, 3, 4 or more stores, changing the look and feel to match with your product types sold in your stores can be a simple thing. By controlling from the back-end, your store color and theme will become what you need and ensure that they won't look alike.

Cost spending is always the first priority for businesses to concern. With the help of our VevoCart multi-store edition, you can save your valuable money from hosting fee since you don't need to use different databases in producing multiple stores and also save your valuable time in managing all of them. By using only one multi-store edition, adding other stores will be an easy task. You can get another license and add your store as much as you want to control it your way.

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