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Multi-Store Ecommerce

Multi-Store Ecommerce

What's Multi-Store Ecommerce?

Do you own an online store? Do you want to open more stores but you don't want to spend a hard time dealing with management headache? Then you are on the right track! Multi-Store Ecommerce is a great solution for this.

Multi-store ecommerce allows you to operate multiple storefronts with the different domain names by sharing a single database. In other words, you can open multiple stores with one database which mean you can manage your stores and deal with your customer's order and payment from your entire stores in one place. Besides, you can manage and customize look and feel of your storefront to be individual in one place as well.

For example,

Mr. VevoCart sold all clothing in one store but right now, he wants to distinguish his products to be more specific to attract more customers. Instead of running on another database and creating another shop, he run a multi-store ecommerce so now, he has store1 that sells men's clothing, store2 which sells women's clothing and store3 that sells kid's clothing. With multi-store ecommerce, he has no need to login to 3 stores then add his products, check the orders and customize the look and the feel of 3 stores; he can login to one administration panel and manage all of his stores in one place.

Moreover, multi-store also allows you to open wholesale store and retail store or both. As you can see from the picture above, store1 is a retail store, store 3 is a wholesale store and store2 is selling both wholesale and retail. All of three stores are under single database and single admin panel.

Benefits of Multi-Store Ecommerce

  • Saving time and money

If you want to open 5 stores, it means that you have to buy 5 databases and 5 hosting services which would cost such a lot of money. Furthermore, how much time do you need to manage 5 stores? It might take all of your day but time and tide wait no man. As a result, you may need to hire people to manage your stores for you and how much does it cost? Why you have to spend a lot of money on that? On the other hand, with multi-store ecommerce, all you have to do is buying a multi-store ecommerce with one hosting and licenses then manage your 5 stores by using single admin panel in order to save a lot of your budgets and time.

  • easier to manage and customize

Multi-store ecommerce allows you to control and access all of your stores in single admin panel. So without Multi-store ecommerce, you need to login to your stores and start to manage and customize them one by one. In contrast, Multi-store ecommerce allows you to adjust the look and the feel of your storefronts to be individual in one place. Besides, Multi-store ecommerce also allows you to share products and promotions to all of your stores and you can adjust the product's name, product's description and price of each store as well.

VevoCart Multi-Store Version

VevoCart realizes that merchants may have the hard time dealing with multiple databases so we built you the solution. VevoCart multi-store version provides all VevoCart Deluxe Features which include most of the features you need to run successful online stores and plus Multi-Store capabilities for instant, Central Payment Processing, Domain Names Per Store, Themes Per Store, Categories Per Store, Product Meta Information Per Store, Product Price Per Store, SSL Configuration(On/Off) Per Store, Order Filter by Store, Departments Per Store and etc. VevoCart multi-store version is available in the affordable price, come and take the solution today.

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