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Licensed Ecommerce Software

Licensed Ecommerce Software

Why choose for licensed ecommerce software instead of community edition? It’s because licensed ecommerce software has more features providing more ways to you in order to sell your products.

Apart from Facebook commerce, mobile commerce, and much more, VevoCart can provide another channel for you to publish your ecommerce store.

eBay is an online auction and shopping website in which people buy and sell a variety of goods and services worldwide.

VevoCart allows you to list your product from VevoCart store to eBay site with eBay Listing Template to increase your sales.

When your item has been sold on eBay, the order will be created on VevoCart and your inventory will be deducted.

Merchant can follow these 4 steps to publish products on eBay website. When listing items has been verified, VevoCart will start sending item information to eBay.

Steps To eBay Publishing

1. eBay Configuration : Setting config authentication and authorization on eBay. Please visit eBay Developer Network for more information.

2. Create Listing Template : VevoCart allows customer to create template for eBay.

3. Select Product(s) to publish : Choose your product and click Listing to eBay.

4. Send Product Items : Send item information and template style to publish on eBay.

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