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How To Build An Ecommerce Website

How To Build An Ecommerce Website

You may raise some question “How to build an ecommerce website” on your mind, it’s easier than what you’ve thought. First, find your developer or designer to develop your store as you like or choose for your right ecommerce software to build your store as your style. Again for how to build an ecommerce website, if you choose for ecommerce software over a developer, you may want to consider which ecommerce software you should use for building your store.

VevoCart can provide you with lots of features, functions, and options. And one of those is “Affiliate”.

What’s Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who advertises your website and/or products and refers customers to your online store. They will receive commissions if the referred customers purchase products on your website.

VevoCart supports affiliate feature. A user may apply for affiliate account on your website. Once it approved, he can access the “Generate Link” page in the storefront to create links to your website and products with reference to his affiliate account.

For example, an affiliate might put a promotion link to our website such as

The commissions will be calculated as the product cost minus discount, and will not include tax and shipping/handling cost. To be qualified for affiliate commissions, orders need to have "Payment Complete" and "Processed" flags set to true and "Cancelled" flag set to false. These order flags can be set in the Orders menu of the Admin website.

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