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Free E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Free E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Are you ready to start your online business? There’re a lot of things to be prepared in order to make your first online business go in the right direction. Firstly, you have to think about your own website to sell online.

Having a website may require tons of jobs to do, you have to customize your own website or hire a web developer to help you design your selling place and make it suit with your product and store. A lot of cost may be spent to one project. With this reason, you might consider choosing other alternatives like using a free e-commerce shopping cart to save your time and cost.

VevoCart is here to serve you with our Community version. Our free e-commerce shopping cart has essential features for you to start your own business.

You don’t need to pay any fee to get it because we give you all free with no limitation, no expiration and no registration. The Community version suits for everyone, whether you’re an inexperienced merchants or skilled developers.

Community Edition

For an inexperienced user, you don’t need to consult with a developer to install the program. You can simply download the Community version from and install it instantly without filling the key.

With source code provided as in commercial versions, you can also hire a developer to help you customize your store the way you want and make changes to the look & feel.

In addition, other useful functions are included as well; SEO-friendly with features like URL rewriting, URL lowercase, URL localization, and URL canonicalization. All of them help make search engine easier find your store.

3 styles of checkout process allow customers to choose which method they prefer; Normal Checkout with Checkout Process Indicator, One Page Checkout or Anonymous Checkout.

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