Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is VevoCart PA-DSS Certified?
Yes. VevoCart is the PA-DSS Certified e-Commerce solution VevoCart meets all security requirements which enforced by Visa, MasterCard and other credit card brands. Please note that a PA-DSS Certified Compliant Application must implement all PCI requirements and audited by qualified security assessors (QSAs).Please be careful of applications claiming as PCI/PA-DSS Compliant but has not been audited by security assessors.

    Credit card and sensitive stealing prevention
    Secure authentication
    Payment logging
    Proper error handling
    Secure cryptographic storage
    Secure communication
    Role-based access control
    Cross Site Scripting Flaws prevention
    Injection Flaws prevention
    Malicious File Execution prevention
    Secure Direct Object Reference
    Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention
2. How many websites/stores I can run for a license?
You can run one(1) store/domain. VevoCart is licensed to a single store/domain.
3. How many editions of VevoCart? And how much does VevoCart cost?
VevoCart is available in 3 editions. Community, Premium & Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

    Community is FREE edition with essential ecommerce feaetures
    Premium edition includes all ecommerce features with multi-store capability offering at $295 + store license at $100/store
    Multi-Vendor Marketplace edition extends VevoCart edition to build an online marketplace.
For edition comparison, please find details at
4. Does VevoCart license include source code for modification / customization need?
A VevoCart License includes C# source code for code-behind and DLL libraries. The only exceptions are third-party DLL libraries, such as from Microsoft, PayPal, and Google.
5. Do you offer support? Do you offer update to future releases?
A license includes FREE 1 month email support & FREE 3 months update to future releases.After that, support plan and update to latest release can be purchased at anytime.

    two(2) months support plan can be purchased at anytime for $180. For detail, please visit 'Support Plan'(*).

In addition, you can find answers from VevoCart Online Documents (*) Please note that we support VevoCart features but not customer modification.
6. What are the system requirements for VevoCart?
    IIS 5.1 or later.
    .NET Framework 4.5.
    Microsoft SQL Database
    MS SQL 2005/2008.
    'Enabled Broker' and 'Cache Dependency' service (For using multi-store capability)
7. Do you offer a trial download?
Not really. Instead, we offer a free community edition. You can run production store with Community edition and upgrade to Premium or Multi-Vendor Marketplace if you may need.
8. Can I run a test/development site with a license purchase ?
Yes. You can.
A license includes one(1) FREE testing/development license. You can run a test store under a sub domain, 'test'.For example, your registered domain is thus you are licensed to run a test/development store This does NOT require an additional license nor additional domain key. In addition, you can run a test/development store under a localhost envoronment. For example, http://localhost.
9. Do you offer discounts?
Yes. We offer discounts for subsequent licenses. The discount bracket is based on volume. You can review detail at "Volume Discount". Note that you require to purchase with the same account to qualify for discounts. There is no coupon code required.
10. Do you offer a refund?
Please evaluate VevoCart as long as you require with community edition and/or online demo as needed.We can not offer a refund for a license purchase.
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