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Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce Sites

These days, Ecommerce sites are not aimed to the small audience anymore, lots of people change their behavior from shopping in the department stores or some shopping places to shopping online.

Due to convenience in shopping online, buying things would be an easy task. People can buy anything they want just by clicking and adding their products to the cart, plus they can shop around the world without even going out of their laptop.

With expanding of the online market, many Ecommerce sites plan to capture their customers' interest using various methods. One of the most popular methods they use for attracting their customers is offering cool promotions.

There're various promotions for merchants to choose in helping their business transaction , but how can they effectively promote their promotions or offers to the customers?

We have the answer here with the feature called "Banner Rotation"

Banner Rotation

Banner rotation displays on the top most of the storefront. If merchants need to promote their items, special sales, events or promotions, they can put them all in the banner.

Merchants can add multiple images, descriptions and links of products to present to their customers. This way will help customers to follow up with all the special conditions that currently have in their store. It can also be helpful in terms of sales increasing.

Customers can select each banner in Banner Rotation one by one by, they can choose one of the three small circles located in the right corner of the Banner Rotation and click on the one that most captures their interest to display in the storefront.

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