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Ecommerce Holiday Season

Ecommerce Holiday Season

Are you waiting for the upcoming holiday? Do you have any plans for your ecommerce holiday season?

If you don’t know what to do to entice more customers to your store, you can check one of our tips you can pick for your ecommerce store.

Get Ready For Mobile And Tablet

As you can see in everyday life, people love to touch their smartphone or tablet anywhere they go, they may walk along while chatting with their friends, they may sit on a bus and play games while going home or they may send an e-mail to their customers during lunch. They use these portable devices in almost every activity of their life.

According to market research firm, eMarketer, there are 81 percent increase for shoppers who purchase through their smartphone and tablet in 2012. With the research, we, as a merchant, shouldn’t overlook to prepare mobile and tablet site to support your shoppers for your ecommerce in this holiday season. One of the most possible ways is to rely on responsive website.

Responsive website is an important tool for optimizing mobile/tablet usability. The design that is friendly with a variety of screen sizes helps shoppers browse your store efficiently. They can read full content, clear product description, and actual image size as viewed from their laptop or PC using any devices they have without worrying about zoom in and out.

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