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Ecommerce For Website

Ecommerce For Website

Effective ecommerce for website consists of many important parts to start online business including security, affordability, full features providing, and customization supporting.

Nevertheless, the more features you have in your store, the more you will become the most eye-catching online store in shoppers’ opinion.

VevoCart is one of the best ecommerce solutions providing complete features for any merchants whether they are new or experienced in this business.

With various features provided, you can choose features that most capture your interest and apply it to your store for attracting all shoppers around the globe.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to know one of the attractive features that is well-known in this modern society, it’s a blog supporting.

VevoCart Store Blog

VevoCart supports blog for merchants to put all the content they want in their storefront. You can add informative articles, tips and tricks, news, newsletter, press releases or anything you need to promote to your customers in the blog and also put it on your store. It’s another channel to help your sales and optimize SEO.

VevoCart provides you with 2 blog comment options: Integrated Comment Function and Facebook Comment.

Integrated comment allows customers to register and login before leaving the comment.

Facebook Comment is one of the Social Plugins, allowing you to post the comments by using Facebook account. You can find this social plugin from Facebook Development Center.

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