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Easy-To-Use Ecommerce Software

Easy-To-Use Ecommerce Software

Are you seeking for easy-to-use ecommerce software? If you worry about setting your store, we can assist you.

VevoCart is easy-to-use ecommerce software every merchant can use. Whether you’re a new online merchant or very skilled one who has experiences in online world, you can use our software alike.

We provide full options and features for you, including marketing features, SEO-friendly, content managing and more.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Content Manager section.

Content Manager

VevoCart provides a content manager to help you manage dynamic content pages in your website.

Content Menus

You can edit the menus and let them display on the storefront by selecting sub menu “Content Menu” under “Content” Menu in Admin website.

Content menus can be displayed on the top, left, or right position.

In content menu list, you can enable or disable one of three menus (Top/Left/Right). You can change the style between “Default” and “Cascade”.

For VevoCart Multi-Store version, you can select store from the drop down list at the upper-left corner. Each storefront has its own content menu representing unique business identity.


Content menus have three pre-defined positions which are Top, Left, or Right.


The style can be “Default” or “Cascade”. Each position (Top/Left/Right) can be displayed in different styles.

“Default” Style:

  • Top menu position

  • Left or Right menu position

“Cascade” Style:

  • Top menu position

  • Left or Right menu position

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