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Easy ASP.NET Shopping Cart

Easy ASP.NET Shopping Cart

Building an online store may require you to put many efforts, not only studying the market to know what product you should sell in your store but also a quality website to start off. Some merchant may think it’s not a good idea to hire a skilled developer to develop their website because it can cost them more than they can imagine.

Still, there’s another simple way to do if they really want to save cost and time of building their online store, it’s by choosing easy ASP.NET shopping cart instead.

Easy ASP.NET shopping cart helps merchant to set their store online with the simplest way, you can even do it by yourself. If you choose the right shopping cart, you will also get the good support from a developer team who can help you set your store in case you can’t understand something while you’re in the installation process.

VevoCart is one of those shopping carts which can provide you such that support so you don’t need to worry about the installation and usability mistake.

In the previous article, we talked about Product Quick Search and for this article, we will keep continuing so you can get the best information to apply to your store.

Let’s get started!

Result of Quick Search

For the result of the quick search, it will display all products that match or involve in keyword that users search. Moreover, users can change the viewpoint by selecting options.

View As is the view layout for the search result. Users can choose a layout from 3 styles.

Grid View Style

List View Style

Table View Style

Show is a number of the search result that displayed in 1 page. Users can choose from 3 Styles; 4 search result per page, 6 search result per page and 8 search result per page.

Sort by is the sorting of the search result allowing you to choose with 2 styles of sorting; sorting by name and by price.

The left side of the bottom of the result page displays the number of products and number of all products shown in the page. The right side displays the number of all result pages.

Furthermore, users can go to the previous page by clicking “Prev” and go to next page by clicking “Next” or choose the page you want by clicking on the number of that page.

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