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Easy .NET Shopping Cart Software

Easy .NET Shopping Cart Software

If easy .NET shopping cart software is what you’re looking for, it’s possible that you will match with VevoCart. It’s easy from the installation to the usage.

Aside from being easy .NET shopping cart software, it also provides you a feature which can’t be found in other .NET shopping cart software.

And it’s Bundle Promotion.

Have you ever heard about “Bundle Promotion?” Try to draw some picture here.

When you buy a 3 dollar hamburger with 2 dollar French fries , you will spend 5 dollar for them. What’re you missing now? Yes, that should be some drink, no one has their meal without a drink (or if it has, it may cause him some hiccup). You’re looking for your favorite drink and you think about drinking 2 dollar orange juice. Suddenly, your eyes meet with the phase of today’s promotion, “buy our special set includes hamburger+French fries and get 1 cola free only at 5 dollars.” Will you still grab your orange juice and spend 7 dollars or switch to that 5 dollar promotional ad?

If you don’t care about saving 2 dollars, there have to be one or more and much more people who would change what they have in mind and instead, move to the promotion. And that’s “Bundle Promotion” we’re talking about.

How Does It Benefit To Your Store?

There’re two major advantages you can gain from using Bundle Promotion, let’s see some examples here.

If you open your electronics shop and your main focus is for tablet sales, it’s certain that you would want to take more profits from other accessories instead of selling only one tablet.

One of the best ways to stop customers from walking out and taking only one tablet home is “Bundle Promotion.”

Think about what they would buy with their tablet, a case cover? a screen protection? Why don’t you bundle all of them and offer to your customers in attractive price? That way your customers will get their pleasant price, leading them to buy more from your store in the upcoming future.

As a merchant, you can get more sales from this type of promotion as well. With the help of Bundle Promotion, you won’t lose your valuable profits to those promotions that your competitors have set in attempt to draw attention from your customers. Sound like a win-win situation?

Let’s move on to the second advantage.

Do you have some goods remain in your stock? Why don’t you turn a crisis into an opportunity? Use this Bundle Promotion and get the benefit out of it by bundling your hot product and mix-match it with those products no one cares. Start turning them into values and take all to your pocket as much as you like.

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