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E Commerce Websites

E Commerce Websites

E commerce websites in the market now have various features created for different styles of users. Many owners of E commerce websites set their plan using different methods in attracting customers to come shopping in their store.

There're lots of features which are useful for facilitating customers to shop with more pleasure. Some of the effective features can be acquired for free, some cost you money in both reasonable and expensive price.

However, before deciding to choose E commerce websites with the right features, you have to consider which E commerce websites will best suit for your business.

In this article, we'll introduce you to one of the useful features helping customers to search for what they want within no time. It's called "Faceted Search"

Faceted Search

Faceted search/Faceted browsing or layered navigation is the new feature that is used for searching products by specifying the relevancy of products 'characteristic.

When customers select one of the categories in a store, Faceted Search will do its function by filtering the category down into each facet related to the product they're searching.

For example, if a customer navigates "Sport", it will be filtered into category, special offer, brands and price. If a customer chooses one of these facets, it will continuously be filtering so that he or she finds the products they need.

With this method, customers will find their right products without wasting their time to search for the large amount of the categories, which can cause customers to stop buying and leaving a site because they feel like it is complicated and hard to find what they want.

This feature allows merchants to set numbers of the price range and price interval as well as setting on/off in the admin control panel.

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