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E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solution

E-commerce solution is an easy way for online merchants to start their online business. Using e-commerce solution helps merchants to save time and cost of building an online store and hiring a professional programmer.

Merchants can install the e-commerce application by themselves. If they find some parts that they can’t understand, things they have to do are just checking the manual or consulting with the support team who is responsible for their application.

Choosing an e-commerce solution that most suitable for your requirements might not be easy because there’re tons of them to choose. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages, so merchants have to think about which one will suit best with their business type.

A good ecommerce should have complete features allowing merchants to instantly build their store, it would be much more better if your chosen ecommerce can provide you with more additional features.

Navigation is the important part for good e-commerce websites. Easy-navigating menus help customers to feel more comfortable in searching for products while visiting your site. In that case, you need proper menus which are suitable for your store type and not to confuse your customers.

From these reasons, VevoCart provides the 3 catalog menu styles for you to choose the right one that most matching your store, those catalog menu styles are Default style, Group dropdown style and Cascade dropdown style.

The Three Catalog Menu Styles

Default style: Selecting this style to display various catalog menus. Customers can see all the main header menus (Category, Manufacturer, and Department) shown in your site.

Group dropdown style: Display only 3 levels of categories inside the main catalog menu (Category). Your customers can hover the mouse over the arrow to see the category menus in group dropdown style.

Cascade dropdown style: Display multi-level of categories inside the main catalog menu (Category). When hovering a mouse over the arrow, the categories will be shown in cascade dropdown style. It allows your customers to see the sub-categories of the main category they’re selecting.

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