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E commerce Site In ASP.NET

E commerce Site In ASP.NET

As merchants may know, opening an online store is one of the competitive internet marketing businesses in this digital age. You have to consider a lot of things in order to take your e commerce site in ASP.NET to reach the top level and overcome those tons of competitors out there. Most merchants think that they should design their e commerce site in ASP.NET to have an attractive look and feel, some may put prominent features in attempt to make their store look different.

However, there is one close thing you might want to use for improving your store. We call it “Image Tool” which can be helpful for your customers as well as lead them to happy shopping experience.

There’s one effective image tool that we would like to recommend you. It’s called “Rollover Image”.

What’s Rollover Image?

Are you one of those vendors who like to improve your eCommerce store in many aspects? One day, you may check your design if it’s still fresh to make a competition with your rivals. Another day, you may think about adding features to make your store stand out from the crowd. And today, you just accidentally check one of your product images in your product list page and you just wonder why does it have to show only one image?

Many of store owners would love to show a product image in more angles, just one angle might not meet their requirements. How about you? Do you agree that only one image, one angle (it’s definitely a front angle) does not exactly suit what you really need?

Every product has more than one side to attract the viewer’s eyes, such that, it’d rather be better if you can present other perspectives to them. Perhaps, two sides are a common way to perceive, most shoppers like to view products in front and back side (or some may prefer left and right). It’s like a coin, you aren’t able to know what the other side would be if you only see the head, not the tail.

Getting your product image exposed on more than one side might be easier than you thought.

When your customers view a product image on your product list page, instead of clicking on that default image to see the second one, you just let them hover a mouse over that image and it will automatically flip to the second image (or flip image) in a flash.

This way, your customers will see two images, two perspectives of one product without even pushing their finger to click on anything.

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