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Complete Ecommerce Package

Complete Ecommerce Package

As explained in “Business Ecommerce Solution” article, VevoCart not only provides complete ecommerce package but also offers shipping options.

Let’s take a look here together and see how complete ecommerce package like VevoCart and other shipping methods can do to you.

Fixed Shipping Cost

The shipping cost of this method will always be the “Fixed Shipping Cost” value which is entered below, regardless of the quantity and weight of the products.

Shipping by Quantity

You can specify the shipping cost of the “First Item” value and subsequent items. Each additional item will be charged with the shipping cost specified in “Next Item” value.

Keep following our next articles about shipping methods which will be put in “Ecommerce articles” section in the upcoming futures as always.

If you have any queries about VevoCart setting, you can go to to see our manual or leave the question to us in our community forum as well as support system. We’ll respond back to you as quickly as possible.

you’re interested in exploring our various editions, feel free to check for Community, Deluxe, and Multi-Store as much as you like or compare all three of them to find out the one which is best for you.

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