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Cart ASP.NET or shopping cart ASP.NET is an application allowing you to sell products through online channel. If one wants to have his own store, one needs to find a proper location, a location that products can be sold to a lot of customers. Likewise, if one wants to open a store online, one needs to find a proper cart.ASP.NET in setting his online store.

Cart ASP.NET is one of the most popular alternatives that merchants often choose in opening their online store. The easy installation is thought to be one of the advantages of this kind of application. If you choose the high-quality application, you will receive the various features and it’s good enough for you to start and send your store to compete in this competitive market as well as getting a good support from an expert developer team.

Despite the fact that VevoCart is a full-featured cart ASP.NET, it also offers you with the attractive option which we called “VevoCart Selling Tool”. In the “ASP.NET Ecommerce Platforms” article, we described about the advantages of using this tool in selling your products outside your ecommerce store. In this article, we’ll explain you step-by-step how to bring this helpful tool to embed with your non-ecommerce sites.

How To Generate A Code To Put For Non-Ecommerce Sites?

Here is the step-by-step how to generate the code for VevoCart selling tool.

First, log in to your admin control panel and browse for Catalog >> Products.

Then, choose the product for Add to Cart Link and click “Edit”.

Second, choose “Others” and scroll down to the “Add to Cart Link”.

Third, select the link type whether it’s A-tag or iframe and click on the “generate” button.

After retrieving the code link, let’s copy and paste to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, email and forum or anywhere that HTML code can be put.

Just like that, you can start providing your well-written content along with promoting your store with Add to Cart Link. It’s easy, your customers can click and visit your store without having to browse here and there.

When your customers click on Add to Cart Link, it will run them straight right to your product page with all the details added, allowing them to make a purchase right away.

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