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Building A Website

Building A Website

Building a website is normally seen these days, it is growing as fast as people’s internet using. There’re various types of websites that you can see when exploring to the internet including game websites, knowledge websites, community websites, entertainment websites, and ecommerce websites.

Building an ecommerce website that can overcome other competitors requires well-planned methods to follow. Promotion is considered to be one of the effective ways that can help your store to look more interesting to shoppers around the globe.

In this article, we’ll discuss about one of the attractive promotions called “Bundle Promotion”

What Is Bundle Promotion?

Bundle Promotion (in other words, mix & match promotion) is a feature that is built to be another choice for helping merchants in setting up a promotion by bundling one product with another product so customers can buy the group of products in a special price.

For example, if you build the Bundle Promotion for an office set, you might put 3 types of chair and 2 types of desk for your customers to select, then let your customers mix the chair and the desk as they like and buy it in a special price (instead of buying Womb chair $833+ Envelop desk $680 = $1513, with our Bundle Promotion, your customers will buy it only at $599).

The Benefits Of Bundle Promotion

Apart from helping you to decrease products in your stock, Bundle Promotion helps you to increase the opportunity in selling products as well. People seem to be more interested in buying cheap items than expensive ones. With Bundle Promotion, your customers will see it as an opportunity to save their money as well as motivating them in deciding to buy more products.

VevoCart And Bundle Promotion

VevoCart concerns about customers so we specifically create the Bundle Promotion to be another choice for you to choose in increasing the opportunity to sell your products. Bundle Promotion is available in Deluxe version and Multi-store version. Please feel free to use Bundle Promotion as one of your top promotions.

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