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Building websites is what modern people like to do in the present day, they can simply build and have their own websites in the way that matches with their style and preference.

Most people build their websites by adding the content about something they know or like. Some develop their websites to sell products online or commonly known as Ecommerce business.

Building an Ecommerce website requires effective features in helping your store to look more attractive to your prospective customers. These features can differentiate your store from other numerous stores with the outstanding and unique functions.

One of the cool features to be introduced for this article is "Shipping Estimator"

Shipping Estimator

As for the Ecommerce websites, shipping is the important factor that all of the store's owners can't forget. It's the way to send and receive products between merchants and customers.

When we talk about shipping, it's certain that the shipping cost will be referred. The stores' owners always have different shipping terms and conditions applied to suit for each of their stores.

So, it's common that most customers will need to know the estimated total cost of the products that have already been included with the shipping cost before placing the orders and purchasing their favorite products.

With these reasons, the feature called "Shipping Estimator" is fully adopted. It lets your customers calculate their products' cost with the estimated shipping cost, allowing them to know how much they have to pay for those products.

Shipping Estimator will be shown in the shopping cart page (click to view cart) which displays products in the shopping cart and the total cost of those products.

The estimate shipping box allows customers to select their country, state, fill in the zip code, and click "get rate" to retrieve the information about the estimated cost of products when included with shipping cost.

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