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Best E-Commerce Shop Software

Best E-Commerce Shop Software

People in this digital age always use internet as their part of everyday life, they use internet for various purposes including searching for information, playing game, working, and shopping. With these reasons, it’s important for online merchant to find best e-commerce shop software which can respond what people in this modern generation need.

Best ecommerce shop software not only should make you sell more but also easy for you to manage your online store.

VevoCart is one of the best ecommerce software allowing you to manage and control anything in admin control panel within just a few clicks.

Getting To Know VevoCart Administrator Page

To log in to VevoCart administrator page, open a browser and enter the following address:


For example, if you develop your store locally, the address may be:


For a live store, it may be:


If this is your first time, please enter the following information:

User Name: admin

Password: admin

Please note that a password is case-sensitive.

**Note: For security reason, please change the admin password before going live.

VevoCart System Menu

Once you log in, you will be redirected to the default screen.

You will be greeted with a summary screen. It contains useful stats and information of your store.

  • Number of new (unprocessed) orders and the total amount.
  • Number of paid orders and the total amount. You can select the drop down to view this amount for this year, this month, or this week.
  • Current important settings of the storefront.
  • Summary of number of products and categories.

Website Setup/Quick Start

This section records your company information. Please enter your business information, which will be shown to customers, e.g. in Contact Us page.

*Note: The company email is specifically important since it will be used in several occasions such as contacting customers and order processing.

The fields that are marked with (+) can be displayed in multiple languages based on customer selection in the store front. You can select language drop down at the top to switch between languages to enter.

Please see Quick Start Guide for more details regarding Website Setup and Website Configuration menus.

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