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Best ASP.NET Shopping Cart

Best ASP.NET Shopping Cart

Why does our VevoCart is one of the best ASP.NET shopping carts? Is it because of the security, flexibility, and affordability? Yes, all of them are right. However, there’re more that our VevoCart can provide you.

In the administrative area, you will see many options for setting your storefront to suit with you and your customer’s preference. It also allows you to manage your content to display in your store with different styles.

Other than setting to enable/disable the content and define the position where the content will be located, you can even set the way your content is displayed in more various methods.

Let’s see how you can do it here!

How To Manage Your Content?

  • Content Menu Display (Default Style, Cascade Style)

Normally, the content menu list will be set as default style.

But, if you want to change it to cascade style, you can do by editing it. Choose “Cascade” from the “Style” and update a change.

Your content menu list will change to cascade style as shown below.

  • Unlimited Content Pages

You can add/edit/or delete the content page you want in “Content” menu.

Click “Add” to add a new content page.

  • Content Sorting

Content menu list can be sorted in three ways (sort by ID, Name, or up to you) to display in your storefront.

For example, you can move “About Us” to any position you want, you might want it to locate under Privacy or under FAQs as you wish and this way can be done by selecting the “Content Menus” located under “CONTENT”.

Then, choose one store from drop down list and select the position of the content you want to edit in “Menu List” column.

Click on “Sort Content Menus”.

Then, you can drag-and-drop “About Us” as you like and once it is done, click “Save” to update all changes.

At your storefront, the content menu list will be changed in its order.

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