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ASP.NET Web Shopping Cart

ASP.NET Web Shopping Cart

People may get used to shopping cart for a variety of circumstances, you will find it in the supermarket where you can put your products in there or find it through online channel with a popular “Add to cart” phrase that every online shoppers are familiar with.

Despite its various meanings, there’s another one growing to be a popular thing in online society. It’s a shopping cart program or ASP.NET web shopping cart for opening online store.

Like it’s mentioned, ASP.NET web shopping cart is an application for merchant to start selling online. It requires you nothing but you and your hosting to start running them along the way, you can travel through the world of online selling for just a few clicks and sell your products 24/7.

VevoCart is what we can provide you, any kinds of merchant can have their own business within no time, the function we offer is one of those exceptional things you might like.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a specific search that uses some information to help narrow a scope down, making your customer search more quickly. The search result is similar to keywords that customer use for searching.

Enable/Disable Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a part of the Quick Search. So, enable or disable Quick Search will affect to Advanced Search as well, for example, if you disable Quick Search, Advanced Search will also be disabled.

Advanced Search Mode

Merchant can change Advanced Search Mode by configuring in “Store List > Store Configuration”.

Then, go to “Advanced Search Configuration”. There’re 2 modes for selecting; Classic and Enhance.

  • Classic

For Classic mode, there’re many checkboxes for users to view the structure of all products, they also have the blank for filling the price interval as your preference.

Customer can check more than one checkbox when searching for products.

  • Enhance

For Enhance mode, there is Search in and price interval that is similar to Classic mode. But, Enhance mode will have product properties in the checkbox under “Search In” to help customer choose with more pleasure. Moreover, Enhance mode also allows customer to choose “More Search Options” either in Special Offer (Department) or Brand (Manufacturer) or both as in Classic mode.

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