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ASP.NET Web Ecommerce

ASP.NET Web Ecommerce

ASP.NET web ecommerce is one of the easiest ways you may select for starting your online business. If you feel confused about choosing ASP.NET web ecommerce, you might find some useful solution here.

VevoCart is ecommerce software that has plenty of features including various marketing features you can use for promoting your store to customers around the world.

You can explore our rich marketing features by choosing VevoCart and let it be your best choice for your ecommerce store.

Here are some rich marketing features you may find interesting and useful for your online store.

Tell A Friend

Do you have some products in your mind and don’t want to keep it only for yourself? Let Tell A Friend tells anything for you.

In the storefront, customers may recommend a product to his or her friends by clicking on “Tell A Friend” button.

See the picture below.

News And Announcements

Have some cool new items to promote to your customers? Let News and Announcements work for you! News topics will be displayed in the sidebar of your store, allowing customers to see what you want to show to them easily. Your news may both contain pictures and text.

You can add, edit, or remove news from this page as much as you like to suit best with your requirements.

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