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ASP.NET Storefront

ASP.NET Storefront

ASP.NET storefront is a website store for selling online. You can get the ASP.NET storefront from ASP.NET ecommerce software which is spreading worldwide with a lot of brands for you to choose.

VevoCart is ASP.NET ecommerce software allowing you to build your store with no problem. You don’t need to ask for helps from any programmers because our VevoCart lets you do it easily by yourself. It’s not hard, you can install VevoCart in your computer just a few click.

Despite the simplicity of our VevoCart, they also allow merchant to control anything in his storefront from the admin control panel. In this article, we’ll teach you how to set something about “Faceted Search”.

How to Add Specification filter(s) in products

Merchant can add specification filters that is created in the specification group list by going to “Catalog > Products”

Then, select the product you want to add a filter in and click “edit”.

Next, choose “Product Attribute”.

After that, go to the “Specification Group” and select the detail that matches with the product. For example, the specification group for the picture shown below is “Sport Specification” which is suitable for male (child, teenage or middle-aged people).

After finish filling in the specification group and details, click “Update Product”.

Finally, the result of adding the specification filter will be shown in your storefront at the left side of the screen.

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