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ASP.NET store is an online store which is created from the application known as “ASP.NET ecommerce software”. ASP.NET Ecommerce software allows merchants to sell products online through their electronic store, it’s easy to set up just by installing it yourself.

Effective ecommerce software should come with the effective options, these options will allow merchants and their customers to choose what they like and apply to match with their life’s style.

The style of displaying your products in the store is important, setting everything to suit with your customers’ preference makes them feel at ease when shopping in your online store.

We know how important of it and that’s why our VevoCart provides this option for you. You can choose your product list view for your ASP.NET store to display in 3 styles; Grid View Style, List View Style, and Table View Style.

3 product list styles

You can set your product list’s view by choosing from the “view as” as the image below.


When choosing the view you need, it will display in the 3 different styles as your preference.

      Grid View Style


      List View Style


      Table View Style


Also, you can set the Number of Product Column, Number of Category Column, Number of Displayed Category, Number of Displayed Products and more in the admin control panel by choosing Store > Config > Store Config

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