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ASP.NET Shopping Cart Source Code

ASP.NET Shopping Cart Source Code

In this modern age, ASP.NET shopping cart is becoming popular among online merchants. They choose this software instead of finding someone to help them to build their website because of many reasons, saving time and cost is one of them. If you decided to hire a developer to develop your ecommerce site, it may cost you a lot to start. Using ASP.NET shopping cart can help you to solve such a problem, you just pay only for an application cost and start building a store by your own without losing money for other fees.

The flexible ASP.NET shopping cart should come with source code. It allows you to customize your store to extend some features or design that you think will match more with your styles.

VevoCart is ASP.NET shopping cart with source code included, allowing you to customize your store in order to extend the functionalities or anything you need to meet your requirements, plus the option for you to independently manage content in the admin control panel.

How To Manage Content

Here is the step-by-step how to manage the content in your website.

  • Active / Inactive Content
    • For content menu list, you can set one of the three content menus to be active or inactive.

      • Top position (top, left, or right)

        • First, you have to select the sub menu “Content Menus” under “CONTENT” menu in the admin website.

          Second, choose one of the stores from drop down list and click “Edit”.

          Then, check the enabled column and click “Update”.

          The enabled column will change from false to true and you will get the content menu list as shown above.

          • Content Menu Position (Top Menu, Left Menu, Right Menu)
          • You can choose to enable the position of content menu list as you want (top, left, or right) in your website.

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