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ASP.NET Online Shopping Cart

ASP.NET Online Shopping Cart

Do you know what ASP.NET online shopping cart is? It’s not different from its name “shopping cart” because you can add your favorite products to an online shopping cart as the same as a general shopping cart in supermarkets. The difference between them is clearly because of one of them is proceeded through online channel.

How Does It Work?

Many people may be interested in opening their own online store to sell something and make profits out of it, but there’s one way or another to start, that is to use some helps from a developer or ASP.NET online shopping cart.

ASP.NET online shopping cart is software for merchants who need to do their business by building a store online. It’s easy, simple, and fast, allowing you to install by yourself. Installing the software allows you to sell products to your customers around the world using only the internet connection and your laptop.

VevoCart is one of the most eye catching ASP.NET online shopping carts, it has full functions and flexible enough for you to choose any of them to match with your preference. You can set or define anything you want in the admin control panel, all the changes done will go to your storefront.

Content management is one of the numerous functions you can easily manage in the administrative area, especially for blog.

How To Manage Content In Your Blog?

The blog list will be shown as below.

After you finish creating blog content, the content will be shown in the blog list page under the sub menu “Blog” in the “CONTENT” main menu.

There're 2 comment types you can choose: Integrated Comment and Facebook Comment.

Integrated Comment

For registered customers, they can comment in the blog content.

Merchants can view, edit, disable or delete comments by clicking the comment column for each blog post.

Facebook Comment

To enable the Facebook comment, you will need an App ID/API key from Facebook development center. After that, set anything you need in the blog setting and enable the function to display in your storefront. You can set it in “STORES” main menu >> config icon >> Blog setting. Customers don’t need to login to VevoCart, but the only thing they need is their own Facebook account in order to leave a comment.

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