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ASP.NET Ecommerce Website

ASP.NET Ecommerce Website

Building a good website, you have to invest for many things. It includes a well-written content, stylish design, easy navigation and more. If your website has a well design and high quality, it’s likely to attract a lot more customers to visit your site, make it popular to the internet world.

Despite the popularity you will gain from building a good website, don’t you think it would rather be better if you can make some profits from it?

ASP.NET ecommerce website is another alternative for changing your typical website to an ecommerce website. You can start by installing ecommerce application, setting your store and selling your products to people around the globe.

VevoCart is one of the ASP.NET ecommerce applications allowing you to easily install to your website, it’s flexible and reliable with the distinctive feature like “Discount Coupon”. In this article, we’ll introduce you to know about the last type of discount coupon called “Free Shipping”.

Free Shipping

When buying products from an online store, every customer always know that they have to pay for shipping fees. If you have some promotion that can help your customers to save their money from shipping cost, you’re likely to increase the sales conversion and gain more new customers.

Let’s take a look and see how the Free Shipping, one of the discount coupon types can do to your customers.

Free Shipping allows customers to buy products without paying a shipping cost. There're 2 shipping types for merchants to choose including:

For Matching Items Only - The coupon will be used only for some specific products defined by merchants.

For Shipment With Matching Items - The coupon can be used if there are some specific products defined by merchants in a customer's cart.

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