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ASP.NET Ecommerce

ASP.NET Ecommerce

Choosing ASP.NET ecommerce is one of the important things that should be well considered, it can result in the store success or failure. There many factors in considering ASP.NET ecommerce that fits for merchants in different styles.

Having flexible, eye-catching features is one of the best methods to get people's attentions, so it is crucial to find an ecommerce software that has one or more features in helping customers feel pleasant when they're shopping in your store.

Like most people know, smart phone becomes the fifth factor in everyone's life. They aren't using a mobile phone just for calling or sending messages anymore, but they're using it for a lot more reasons such as, surfing an internet, playing games, sending-receiving E-mail, joining social medias or even buying products.

Buying -selling products via this little smart device is rapidly growing. M-commerce or mobile commerce is now fully adopted.

Mobile Commerce

You can increase sales with this emerging sale channel. Your customers can access your store even on the road with mobile devices.

Once customers visit your store with their mobile devices, they will be directed to the mobile view automatically. Optionally, this feature can be turn off.

The mobile view is designed and optimized for most compatible IOS / android devices. Specifically, the buttons, product images and product details have a suitable size for your customers to get a good reading experience.

In result, customers are able to view, browse and choose products efficiently.

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