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ASP.NET E Commerce Business

ASP.NET E Commerce Business

ASP.NET ecommerce business is one of the most popular methods for many people to start their own business. It’s easy because you just need to have a web presence and products in your hands without concerning about location or anything like a brick and mortar kind of business.

VevoCart can make your online business life simpler. Why? Because our application lets you build your online store without consulting anyone. The thing you have to do is to purchase us, install, and start it.

We provide tons of features for you to choose which would match with your needs. Care to explore some marketing features? We will recommend “Newsletter” to you.


Newsletter is a smart way to connect with your customers around the world. When you have something to tell them, you can send a newsletter allowing them to follow up with your news, update, or special promotion you might have.

Customers may choose to subscribe to receive your newsletter by entering their email address in the subscription box.

Or they may subscribe by checking the box “Receive our Newsletter” during new customer registration.

When you log in to the admin panel, you will see all the detail as below:

You can choose to send your email to all or some of your subscribers by setting “Send newsletter”. In case you have more than one store, you can select the store that you need to send your newsletter by choosing it in the dropdown list.

Please note that you must not remove the text “[UnsubscribeLink Text=”Click here to unsubscribe our newsletter”], otherwise your newsletter will not contain unsubscribe link and will be considered as spam by some providers.

You can edit a template of newsletter in:

Setting -> Email Templates -> Newsletter Layout

Before sending an email to subscribers, you can preview or test sending your email by clicking the “Preview” or “Test Sending” button.

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